Young / Lill Wedding

Collateral for Wedding including Save the Dates, Invitations and inserts, coasters, place setting, table placards, and guestbook. Unique execution by CO2 laser etching, rather than ink printing.

The Young/Lill wedding project included: 
* Save the Date postcards
* Wedding Invitations and enclosures
* Place settings and table markers
* Guestbook design
* Photocoaster inserts
Other than a small birdie motif, this was largely a typographic design.
The invitations and save-the-date were laser-etched paper, a rather delicate process since the laser really wants to just burn through the highly flammable paper. Using a 40W CO2 laser the invitations and postcards took a couple weeks to "print" but the results were truly unique. The "hand-made with high tech equipment" pieces reflected the bride and groom's new life together against the background of family and tradition.
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