Stevo's Custom Carpentry Rebranding

Rebranding Identity for a small business to leave a lasting impression with clients and increase word-of-mouth new clients

Identity redesign for Carpenter/General Contractor

Client needed an identity and brand to distinguish him from the competition. The cornerstone of this brand became real wooden business cards laser etched to become warm and beautiful artifact his clients couldn't help but show off and share with their friends, spreading the word about the great work they received from this client. 

His new identity didn't really gel until I could step back and create him something unique and beautiful that he could share. Laser etch wood smells like a campfire, and it retains that smell for a while. That's an important part of the experience for the receiver of the card. Most of us find good thoughts being invoked by the smell of a campfire, and those good feelings get transferred to my client when he presents his card to a customer. They feel good about him, they trust him, and frankly they can't keep from trying to smell the card. Smell is a powerful part of our experience and triggers memories more quickly and clearly than many other reminders.

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