New Rules of Lifting Companion Workbook

Companion logs to popular fitness books to increase user understanding of material and compliance to workout routine.

These companion logs for The New Rules of Lifting book series were created when I found that many readers for The New Rules of Lifting for Women were (in their words) "hopelessly confused" about what they were supposed to be doing in the gym. The author did a great job with the book, but the most confused users were simply too new to the whole experience to fully understand what the text of the book was describing the workouts to be. One poor soul did 8 workouts worth of exercises in one 2-hour massive gym trip.
These logs were my attempt to concisely explain "this is what you do when you go to the gym, in this order, exactly what's here on the page" and from all testimonials, it worked admirably. Previously confused users got it and were no longer intimidated or worried that they were "too dumb to understand" what the workout was supposed to be. 
After the huge success of the logs for the For Women book, the author asked me to make "official" logs for all of his subsequent books. They've been a huge hit with his readers.
Each subsequent work has seen an improvement to the logs based on previous feedback from users.
You can see these live if you have access to any of the books at
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