iOS app design

Designs for a mobile app

HeartMail lets children communicate with those who love them. Meant to be like getting a postcard from grandma in the mail, loved ones can send and recieve pics or video in a digital postcard. 

I start by designing everything without words. If a design is understood without words, it's a better design. Big and easy to use interfaces and tap targets help ensure removal of clutter keeping only the basic essentails in the design. Actively writing out the scenarios and stories of what users would do helps define elements necessary or extraneous.
 I chose to redesign the camera view for pictures and movies because the built-in camera is not easy for a child to use. There's a lot of unnecessary extra stuff and would doubtlessly lead to failure modes too often. Only "use flash," "switch camera," and "take picture" are necessary for the function of the camera feature.
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